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Don't get caught off guard by surging healthcare costs. Newtek has solutions for you.

Don't get caught off guard by coverage costs. Newtek can explain it for you.
While we've all been looking forward to life getting back to a normal pace once the pandemic is behind us, it's important to be mindful of the long-term impact it will leave behind. One such area is health insurance rates. Newtek Insurance Agency wants to make sure you are prepared for your upcoming renewal.

Some things to know:
  • Medical insurance renewals are seeing up to a 15% cost increase
  • Renewals are coming back with higher out of pocket costs
  • Carriers are offering reduced benefit options
Unexpected costs related to the pandemic can be surprising. Let us navigate you to find cost-effective healthcare solutions. We are willing to answer any questions you have about individual coverage or group health plans. Whether or not you get your health coverage through Newtek, our licensed agents are available to assist.

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