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Newtek Payment Systems and QR Codes are a Powerful Combination

Newtek Payment Systems
The demand for "contactless" has grown beyond payment options. QR Codes and Newtek Payment Systems (NPS) offer just such flexibility.

By utilizing QR Codes, you can put your customers' smart devices to work for you.
  • Menus – Reduce the risk of germ transmission as well as paper waste. When there's a change to a menu item, simply update the online menu and avoid costly reprints.
  • Ordering – Improve speed and accuracy by allowing customers to place their own orders. QR Codes connect directly to your NPS sales.
  • Payments – Customers can settle their bill when they are ready by scanning and choosing to pay either with their credit card or digital wallet like Apple Pay or Google Pay.
See how your business can benefit from NPS's QR Code functionality - in addition to its eCommerce solutions, general ledger and payroll integrations, reporting features, and Zero Cost Processing. Reach out to schedule a demonstration.

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